WeChat Miniprogram

We build custom WeChat miniprograms, as well has HTML5 campaigns to increase user engagement

WeChat Miniprograms
Custom HTML5 Development

Vertical has a team of developers building interactive pages with HTML5 and custom WeChat Miniprograms for you to maximize your engagement.

Engage with your followers. We build custom HTML5 campaigns to help promote your brand and drive customer engagement. Interactive pages or campaigns make your content more shareable and allows your followers to share, repost and comment on your posts. We also build WeChat Miniprograms which are lightweight Apps built inside WeChat. Miniprograms offer the same features as native iOS and Android Apps only at a fraction of the cost and development time.

By designing an engaging Wechat HTML5 campaign for your users the likelihood of sharing, posting on their moments (equivalent to a Facebook timeline) increase exponentially. Through a variety of interactive games, promotions, or simply forms, we can easily spread and promote your WeChat account.

  • Targeted Engagement Campaigns
    Understand who your audience is. This is the most important part, and we segment your followers and using custom campaigns to specifically target your followers.
  • WeChat Miniprograms & Microsites
    Vertical custom builds lightweight WeChat miniprograms (app within an app) to showcase your products or services.
  • Custom Interactive Pages
    We build interactive HTML5 pages for your WeChat account to increase engagement with your followers.


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Our team is on the ground in Shanghai, helping our customers to design their digital strategy, build their brand, develop and deliver content, drive engagement, build a following and generate leads and opportunities.

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Vertical takes a holistic approach to our business. We work as a strategic partner, designing and implementing solutions that address your real business challenges. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and a way for our customers to extend their capabilities.

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