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October 20, 2022
October 20, 2022 itsthebt

Why Baidu Search Is Important


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74% of China’s search market, Baidu is China’s #1 search engine and has become as synonymous with search in China as Google is in other markets around the world. However, Baidu has more ads and result sections packed into its search engine results pages (SERPs), with higher exposure of its native properties:

    • Up to five ads are shown above and below the organic results section on Baidu’s SERP.
    • Baidu-owned properties typically occupy up to 70% of the first SERP. This is because Baidu’s algorithm favors results from its own properties.

Baidu Zhidao is Chinese Quora

Baidu Tieba are Chinese Forums

Baidu Biake is Chinese Wikipedia

In addition to its search function, Baidu offers several Baidu owned platforms and tends to promote its own content higher on the SERP. Thus, if you only optimize your site for Baidu the search engine, you risk losing out to other Baidu-owned properties or authoritative third-party platforms that will likely rank higher for your target keywords.

Lets Breakdown The 3 Different Baidu Platforms


Baidu Baike, China’s Wikipedia equivalent, is highly popular among Baidu users as an authoritative source of information and continually ranks high on Baidu’s SERP (i.e., among the top five results) for searches on brands, people, places, and much more.

Ultimately, a Baidu Baike page can amplify your brand image, increase online visibility, and strengthen trust with your target audience: If there’s an entry within Baike related to a search query, then Baidu will serve the Baike article first.


Baidu Zhidao (translates to “Baidu knows”) is the Baidu equivalent of Yahoo! Answers or Quora and is another Baidu property that ranks favorably on Baidu’s SERP—typically as the first result. Its launch in 2005 also makes it one of the oldest Q&A community platforms, where over 580 million questions—from everyday know-how to business inquiries—have been answered. This makes the content you publish on Baidu Zhidao ideal for driving traffic from target keywords.


Baidu Tieba is an interest-based community forum. Tieba means “post articles.” You can find any topic that you are interested in on this platform. Its centralized interest network community effectively allows brands to promote targeted marketing. If you don’t know Chinese, you can search Baidu Tieba in the search bar, which will direct you to an English version, or visit it and translate Chinese into English.

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