Toutiao. AI driven news aggregator for China with 150 million daily active users.

Chinese mobile internet users spend more time on Toutiao then WeChat. Almost 80min per day.

Toutiao Account Management & Advertising

With roughly 300 million active monthly users, Toutiao is the go to news aggregator and self publishing platform in China. The platform tends to serve middle and upper class university graduates in Tier 1 and 2 cities. It offers distraction free news and feeds content relevant to the individual making it an ideal B2B tool. Business can use this to publish and share content, do official and private media and leverage KOLs such as in blogs, company and industry news, press releases, white papers online media and other forms of brand promotion. Vertical Toutiao Services include:

The Power of Toutiao Advertising

AI-Powered News Feed
Built with machine learning and artificial intelligence technology, Toutiao is known for its highly personalised and targeted news aggregation. The news feed keeps users interested, opening the app on average 9 times a day. Different formats such as large images and short video ad formats are displayed across its 150+ million daily users.

Seen by the Right People at the Right Time
High user engagement, Jinri Toutiao (Today’s Headlines) collected massive data around users’ interests and behaviour. This allows for your ads on Toutiao to only be shown to the most relevant and interested users — your ideal target audience is right at your fingertips.

More Exposure Generates More Engagement
Toutiao ads are shown to users just like pieces of news, blended in well with other organic content. As the app proudly claims, “no one likes to read ads, but they like reading interesting content, and sometimes, the content happens to be an ad”.

What We Can Do

  • Account Registration
  • Account Management & Posting
  • User Engagement
  • Ad Management

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