What is Toutiao & How To Use It For B2B Digital Marketing in China

November 30, 2022
November 30, 2022 itsthebt

Why & How to Use to Toutiao for B2B Digital Marketing in China.

First of all… What Is Toutiao?

Toutiao is an AI-based news aggregator giving you news and recommendations from various media sources. The AI provides you with a tailored feed of content based on the articles the users views or reads. Toutiao initially shows general content to first-time users, and then uses machine learning to understand readers’ browsing interests and preferences based on how readers interact with the Toutiao APP.

    • No need to follow an account to see its content, great potential for exposure.
    • No distractions (no messaging or social feature)
    • Affordable advertising that appears just like a normal news article

Monthly Active Users


On Average Spent on Toutiao


Daily Content Views


Is the Average Time Users Open the APP Per Day

Toutiao’s Social Media Intelligence

Toutiao is a new style of China media app. The most distinguishing feature of Toutiao is its “intelligent aggregating news feed”, with artificial intelligence being used to obtain and curate personalized daily news through its 4,000 partner sites, created by traditional journalists and social media influencers.

With technology, Toutiao keeps updating its huge repository of content from different media providers and serves as a central content platform for readers to consume with personification. Toutiao keeps refining its algorithms with an increasing user base – The more people use Toutiao, the more data people can contribute, and the better-fit content they will see.

Besides, Toutiao’s social media intelligence also filters out low quality content, such as false and fake content, and text documents that infringe copyright. In addition, metadata and hashtags are also very important as Toutiao will filter out the irrelevant ones for quality content distribution.

Personalized Toutiao User Experience

Because of Toutiao’s artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can tailor automated content to the needs and behaviours of individual users according to the unique interests and browsing histories of the audience.

Toutiao initially shows general content to first-time users, and then uses machine learning to understand readers’ browsing interests and preferences based on how readers interact with the China app. For example, how long did the Toutiao user spend on the story, what the user clicked on, the type of story the user read at a specific time of day, stop scrolling behaviours, and even location of the user. Users can also delete the feed that they are not interested in. Therefore, they can recommend articles that users want to read by using complex algorithms.

Toutiao’s Advertising Opportunities

Toutiao provides a more focused content marketing platform for you to enter the China market. Unlike WeChat and Weibo users, content consumption is the principal focus of Toutiao users. There are no additional functions like chatting to pull users away from the new content.

Toutiao integrates with popular Chinese short video platforms like Douyin and Xigua Video, providing users more choices for media consumption and also tools for brands to get creative and engage better with the Chinese customers.

With Toutiao investing ¥1 billion to commercialize itself, content creators are profited to create high-quality content and generate more value for the Toutiao users. KOLs are flooding Toutiao to produce more original articles and videos.

Toutiao Advertising is Cheap & Effective</4>

The most popular ad formats in Toutiao marketing are news banner ads, streaming feed ads, and app open-up ads. They support both pictures and videos. In terms of cost, Toutiao ads are quite reasonable compared to WeChat. The cost per click for most formats is between RMB 0.2-1.0, and WeChat advertising costs between RMB 2-5.

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