China’s Monthly Active Users on Social Media Platforms

August 25, 2023
August 25, 2023 itsthebt

In the dynamic and ever-expanding Chinese market, the number of monthly active users (MAU) on social media platforms stands as a critical metric for understanding consumer engagement and behavior.

China’s digital landscape is teeming with opportunities for businesses and marketers. The growth in MAU reveals vital insights into user preferences, trends, and online consumption habits. It directly influences advertising strategies, content creation, and audience targeting. For brands aiming to establish a robust online presence, the analysis of MAU offers invaluable data to craft tailored marketing campaigns. Leveraging these user statistics, companies can enhance customer experience, maximize reach, and foster brand loyalty within the unique and diverse Chinese social media ecosystem.

Statistics below from Statista, China Internet Watch & BiliBili Investor Deck

Month Active Users in Q1 2023

WeChat | Literally Does Everything

Monthly Active Users


1.3 Billion

Douyin  | Short Videos like TikTok

Monthly Active Users


730+ Million

Kuaishou | Short Video Sharing

Monthly Active Users


650+ Million

QQ| Social Games, Shopping, Movies, Etc

Monthly Active Users


595+ Million

Weibo | Micro-Messaging Like Twitter/X

Monthly Active Users


590+ Million

BiliBili | Videos Like YouTube

Monthly Active Users


315+ Million

XiaoHongShu | Short Videos Like TikTok

Monthly Active Users


175+ Million

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