Localization. Adapting your website for China is imperative.

We can setup & configure your local China server and help with the ICP process.

China Website Hosting & ICP License

With language and cultural barriers, as well as the “Great Firewall”, adapting your website for China is imperative. Vertical offers a range of such services including local web hosting, full site review for optimization, ICP license registration, backend management, translation and ongoing maintenance and support.

We work with Aliyun to host your website in Mainland China with an ICP license. With years of experience in offering Chinese Digital marketing solutions to brands situated across countries, we fully understand the legal and technical requirements for web hosting in China. China’s great firewall halts traffic coming in from other servers which is why China employs its own server and domain hosting policies

The core requirement for having a dedicated website with a Chinese domain (.cn) is to have a dedicated ICP license from China issued by the Government. China issues two types of ICP licenses namely, the ICP License that applies to all Chinese direct consumer selling organizations that operate in China and an ICP recordal, for non – direct selling companies. The authorized entity which issues both the licenses is the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT).

With China’s progressive internet laws, we ensure your requirements of having a secure Chinese server along with the best hosting solutions for your Chinese website are fulfilled. Our team is trained in handling, filing ICP applications and fully committed towards helping you get your website launched in China.

  • Improve Website Speed
  • Increase your Search Ranking
  • Improve China Visibility
  • Local Compliance

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Our team is on the ground in Shanghai, helping our customers to design their digital strategy, build their brand, develop and deliver content, drive engagement, build a following and generate leads and opportunities.

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Vertical takes a holistic approach to our business. We work as a strategic partner, designing and implementing solutions that address your real business challenges. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and a way for our customers to extend their capabilities.

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