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Baidu is the most important search tool in the China market with a range of tools available for businesses looking to leverage the search engine and its ecosystem of tools and platforms. Baidu offers search visitbility and ranking, advertizing, search engline optimization and internal platforms within their ecosystem that promote content. Vertical has a dedicated SEM / SEO team that can help you get the most out of Baidu by helping you to:

Importance of the Baidu Ecosystem

Baidu Tieba

Baidu Tieba is a network of communities / forums created and maintained by Baidu, and is one of the largest sites of its kind on the internet. Tieba’s seamless integration with Baidu’s search engine has allowed tens of thousands of niche forums and communities to flourish in just one platform. No matter how obscure your keyword search may be, you can almost always see a Tieba discussion dedicated to that particular topic to help searchers connect with users of similar interests.

Importance to Baidu SEO: Due to its prevalence on Baidu SERPs, Tieba a great place for SEOs to build their own content, as it’s often easier to rank highly for their Tieba discussion than their own site.

Baidu Wenku

Baidu Wenku is the biggest online Chinese document sharing platform in the world. You can find educational materials, research papers, business documents, law documents, novels, comics, and much more. The concept of Wenku is kind of similar to Slideshare, but Wenku supports a larger variety of document formats. To promote content creation, Wenku utilizes a credit system where users must use credits to download documents. Credits can only be earned by uploading popular content or by purchasing them directly. In recent years, Wenku has also developed itself as a self-publishing platform where authors can promote and sell their content.

Importance to Baidu SEO: Uploading content on Baidu Wenku is a commonly-used SEO tactic in China. This is especially true for high value products or B2B solutions when potential clients are looking for more in-depth information to make their purchase decision.

Baidu Baike

Baidu Baike is China’s answer to Wikipedia, providing (theoretically) unbiased articles on every imaginable subject that anyone can edit. With over 16 million articles, Baike has far more content than the Chinese version of Wikipedia, and has played a huge role in educating the population in China. One interesting distinction is that while Baike theoretically aims at providing unbiased content, they are still a much more commercially inclined platform than Wikipedia. Enterprises can pay for increased control of their brand’s Baike page — quite a difference from the non-profit, freedom of information philosophy of Wikipedia.

Importance to Baidu SEO: Maintaining a corporate page on Baidu Baike can be helpful for optimizing for branded search queries. Since Baike is considered as the authoritative source of information, building positive, unbiased content on your company’s Baike page can be extremely important.

Baidu Zhidao

Baidu Zhidao is one of the most popular Q&A platforms in China. Think of it as the Chinese Yahoo Answers. Baidu Zhidao’s provides helpful answers to millions of questions with a smooth user experience.

Importance to Baidu SEO: Marketing on Zhidao is excellent for building highly targeted traffic to your website. Although Zhidao can’t bring you direct organic traffic, since questions on Zhidao tend to rank so highly, answering questions related to your business can help educate potential customers about your offerings. In fact, this such an effective marketing tactic that some internet marketing experts in China specialize solely on Zhidao optimization.

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