We are a boutique agency,
making us flexible, agile and scalable.

We work with our customers to come up with “out of the box” solutions to meet their unique needs. We change and adapt to meet the
changing needs of the market and our customers’, and can scale for any project size.

Strategy & Research

Researching the market and designing a strategies & solutions to best suit your business challenges.

Vertical will work with you to research the market and design a strategy and solution best suited to address the business challenges your company faces. We will help you understand your target audience, your competitors’ strategies, map out channels, partners, influencer and KOLS and come up with a plan for implementation.

WeChat Management

Wechat is one of the most important tools in any China Digital Marketing Strategy.

With the average Chinese spending an hour or more per day on the platform, Wechat is one of the most important tools in any China Digital Marketing Strategy. Vertical provides a full service offering of solutions for Wechat to help you build a following, keep your audience engaged with your brand and deliver relevant content to your followers.

Custom WeChat Development

Team of developers building interactive pages and WeChat Miniprograms for you to maximize your engagement.

Engage with your followers . We build custom HTML5 campaigns to help  promote your brand and drive customer engagement. Interactive pages or campaigns make your content more shareable and allows your followers to share, repost and comment on your posts. We also build WeChat Miniprograms which are lightweight Apps built inside WeChat. Miniprograms offer the same features as native iOS and Android Apps only at a fraction of the cost and development time.

Website Design & Development

Whether building your site from scratch or updating your
current site for China, we are here to help.

Vertical designs and builds custom corporate and ecommerce websites for our customers integrating design thinking and user functionality to drive engagement and measurable outcomes. We work with the latest content management systems and have a team of developers that leverage the latest technology and languages for custom solutions.

Local Service & Support

Helping you build your brand, create leads and generate opportunities.

When digital marketing goes well, your build your brand, create leads and generate opportunities. However, while interest and leads are vital for business success, without an infrastructure on the ground to interact with your customers and audience, it would be for naught. Especially in the China market, quick and active response is important to establish and maintain credibility. With our team on the ground, Vertical can chat with customers, respond to enquiries, gather essential information, pass on leads and support communication with your audience on a range of platforms.

Host, Localize & Maintain

Everything you need for your website to work &
function properly in China.

With language and cultural barriers, as well as the “Great Firewall”, adapting your website for China is imperative. Vertical offers a range of such services including local web hosting, full site review for optimization, ICP license registration, backend management, translation and ongoing maintenance and support.

Reporting & Media Monitoring

Understanding of your market, your brand and your performance is vital to making strategic decisions.

Having a clear understanding of your market, your brand and your performance is vital to making strategic decisions. Vertical offers both standalone and integrated reporting and media monitoring services that keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with your brand, competitors, products, and market. We leverage a full range of channels from web to social media to news, across platforms. Reporting can be integrated into other services or can be a standalone service.


Search Engine Optimization and Marketing. Baidu is the most important search tool in the China market .

Baidu is the most important search tool in the China market with a range of tools available for businesses looking to leverage the search engine and its ecosystem of tools and platforms. Baidu offers search visibility and ranking, advertizing, search engine optimization and internal platforms within their ecosystem that promote content. Vertical has a dedicated SEM / SEO team that can help you get the most out of Baidu by helping you to boost traffic, increase your ranking, manage PPC campaigns and more.


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Who We Are

Our team is on the ground in Shanghai, helping our customers to design their digital strategy, build their brand, develop and deliver content, drive engagement, build a following and generate leads and opportunities.

How We Work

Vertical takes a holistic approach to our business. We work as a strategic partner, designing and implementing solutions that address your real business challenges. We see ourselves as an extension of your team and a way for our customers to extend their capabilities.

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